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As I mentioned in a previous post, authors are always learning.  I have been scouring the web and buying books to improve myself as an author.  A book I just recently acquired, thanks to hearing about it on The Creative Penn, is “Creating Complex Characters” by Jen Blood.  Jen Blood is the author of the bestselling Erin Solomon series.  She also runs her own editing business Adian Editing.

The book helps you better understand character development.  The background, how to make them engaging characters for the reader and more.  She provides real life examples and comparisons throughout the book which provide very meaningful insight into the instruction for that day’s lesson.  The funny thing about the examples she gives is, if you haven’t read the books – you are probably going to be buying them.

Here is the synopsis on the back of the book (yes, I ordered the print copy over the e-book.  For learning, I always prefer a physical copy):

A simple, five-day process for writing complex characters readers will love – or love to hate.  Through case studies, insightful lessons, and writing exercises divided into five easy-to-follow daily plans, veteran editor and bestselling author Jen Blood shares her secrets for creating characters readers can’t get enough of.

The book is set up as a “5-Day Fiction Fix.”  There are lessons, case studies and exercises that you perform, preferably over a five day period when starting out.  I read through the entire book in one sitting just to get a feel for what was to come.  I plan to perform the exercises on my current novel next.  Have you ever interviewed one of your characters?  Jen goes into an example that chances are you have never thought of.  I know I didn’t!

While I have not performed the exercises yet, the book is very promising and well written.  If you are an author, or thinking about becoming an author, I highly recommend you check out The 5-Day Fiction Fix – Creating Complex Characters by Jen Blood.

Authors are always Learning - Check out Creating Complex Characters
Creating Complex Characters
Image © Adian Editing / Jen Blood

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