Work Around the House


A Week Off to Work Around the House

This past week I took some time off to work around the house.  The first few days I got to spend entirely with my daughter as my wife slept and then worked.  She works nights, so as she slept during the day I got to watch my daughter take some of her first steps.  She laughed, we played and it was wonderful.  The rest of the week was house work.  The dreaded, unbearable need to get the to-do list done.  We all know too well how the to-do list seems to grow exponentially as time decreases at a comparable rate.

This time last year I was building the nursery.  We took out all of the carpet upstairs and put down laminate.  It was a fun project, though my wife was determined to put the nursery in her office and move the office to the other bedroom.  So, I cleared out the one room where the litter pan for our cats was (more on that later).  I ripped the carpet out, put the floor down and proceed to do the little hallway in between the rooms.  Once finished, we moved everything from my wife’s office over to the room I had finished and then I proceeded to rip the carpet out and paint.  Cute colors, a purplish gray for the main color with a light blue accent wall.  I might have gone pink, but there was no arguing with my wife.  Arguing at eight months pregnant turns into “Yes, dear.”

The Litter Pan Fiasco

Back to the litter pan.  My office is in the basement.  I did not think things through originally and put my office at the bottom of the stairs rather than in the back of the basement.  Naturally, I did not want the litter pan in my office.  It sat up in the extra bedroom.  Well, it was not going to stay there after spending hours and hard earned cash to do the flooring.  It got moved to a much worse area, the living room.  My to-do list from that point on had the litter room project but it just did not happen.  Now my daughter is starting to walk, she has been crawling for a while.  I do not want her crawling through litter.   I hate the smell despite how clean I keep it.  It had to go, so my vacation from work involved taking care of the “litter room.”

The litter room is not a room at all.  I decided to wall in the landing of the steps and put a door in.  The litter pan will sit at the bottom of the steps and the door goes into my office.  The steps remain open and the cats can walk on down and do their business then walk on up allowing my office to remain protected.  Face it, cats love to play.  They love to claw.  My leather office chair and fragile displays of wolves cannot be mangled by my cats, so the door had to be put in.  That left the smell.  Smell carries, so I caulked all crevices and put a sweep on the bottom of the door.  Presto.  Now I just need to get a cat door for the door that leads to my stairs.

The Reloading Bench

This leads us to the next project, my reloading bench!  A work in progress over the months.  Work full time, write a book and doing personal projects takes time.  On top of that there is the need to spend time with family.  My reloading bench sat in sized and labeled pieces for months.  This week I finally got to assemble the base, minus the drawers.  The oak top was already done and sat on a simple support for years.  Now I just need to build eight drawers and it is done.

Wait Mr. Wolf, you reload?  As in ammunition?  Yes.  Yes I do.  Here is the thing about life, hobbies provide great satisfaction.  Some say travel, but honestly if you travel a lot – it is almost a hobby.  Hobbies are something you love to do and distract you from life.  I have woodworking, photography and reloading.  Writing is a hobby too.  Having so many hobbies becomes troublesome to find time for it all.  Don’t fret – the book is still coming along.  As a matter of fact, it is in the editing stage!

The interesting thing…

…about this week off is I did not do the main project that I intended.  Put a radon fan in the attic.  For those of you who do not know what radon is, read these Radon Facts.  Radon sucks and is nasty stuff.  I did a short term test and it came back very high.  The issue was that the attic was too damn hot, so it is put off till the Fall.  I got some other things on the to-do list completed and that is really what mattered.

Did anyone else take a week off this summer to get stuff done around the house?  I would love to hear about your projects too!

Now it is back to work.  Back to writing.