New Novella Now Available on Amazon – Intimidation

I am excited to announce a new novella that I have just published on Amazon and about the story this novella tells and, most of all, the driving force behind a persons actions.

Novella: Intimidation by R.S. Wolf

The 4-1-1 on this Novella

Imagine… just for a moment, if you will – Imagine that you wake up and feel like you got run over by a concrete mixer. Now imagine finding yourself in a small room with no way out. Imagine that the small room is actually a prison cell and you have no recollection or memory of how you got there or why.

Good. Now imagine that you have absolutely no way to contact anyone, even a lawyer. Now imagine that your worst enemies are the people who should be protecting you and the only ones you can trust are the inmates next to you.

Imagine you are tormented every day. Tortured every day. Intimidated by unspeakable means.

Imagine… having a daughter who is just turning one year old that you may never see again.

This is a nightmare this man faces; a nightmare we couldn’t even fathom.

This is a novella (Approx 90 pages printed) is now available on Amazon in eBook or print.

Intimidation –

As readers, I would love to know what you think. Writers need feedback. We need to know what you think and how you feel about our writing. Do not feel intimidated – write what you feel.